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Marika Mikola.

Donated egg is an invaluable gift

Donate eggs, there is a constant shortage of them

Donating eggs is a small act with a big impact. For many couples, the only chance of parenthood is treatment with donated eggs.

By becoming an eggdonor,  you give a gift that cannot be measured in money.

Marika Mikola, Fertility doctor

Did You know that…

  • In Finland, approximately 3500 fertility treatments using donated gametes are performed annually. The majority of these treatments are carried out at private clinics, like ours.
  • The shortage of donated eggs is so significant that waiting times range from three to nine months depending on the clinic.
  • If you are a woman aged 18-35 with no hereditary diseases, consider becoming a donor.
  • Donating eggs does not affect your fertility.
  • As a donor, you will receive reimbursement consisting of compensation equivalent to the daily allowance from KELA, travel expenses, and a fixed compensation of 250 euros.

”I help because I can”

Jenni Blomberg, donor:
”In a way, I donated eggs for very self-centered reasons because I want to be the kind of person who helps when they can. Not specifically because I’m giving someone a chance at a child, but because I have the opportunity to help, and then I have to help.”

Jenni Blomberg.
Maija Kalliola.

”For the recipient, it’s the most important thing in the world – for me as a donor, it mainly required a bit of schedule adjustments”

Maija Kalliola, donor:
“I just turned 34, I don’t have children, and they’re not currently in my plans either. Instead, I’m considering if I should go donate eggs once more.”

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Would you like to donate eggs?

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