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Semen Analysis Reveals Sperm Quality 

The assessment of male fertility begins with a semen analysis. It is advisable to undergo a semen analysis if pregnancy has not occurred after one year of trying, or even earlier if there is reason to suspect a sperm-related problem. A semen analysis is recommended if the partner’s age is 38 years or older and pregnancy has not occurred within six months of trying.

Anyone can book a semen analysis at our clinic, and no referral is needed. The analysis includes the examination of sperm count, motility and antibodies.

Preparing for Semen Analysis

A semen sample can be provided in a private and quiet room designated for this purpose. The sample is placed in a container, which is then transferred through a small hatch in the sample collection room directly to the laboratory.

Alternatively, you can provide a semen sample at home. In this case, you will receive a sample container from the clinic, and the sample should be delivered to the clinic within an hour of collection. Sperm are quite sensitive to temperature changes, so when transporting the sample, it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t cool down or overheat. You can keep the sample warm, for example, by carrying it in the breast pocket of your shirt.

The sample should be preceded by a period of 1-3 days of abstinence, meaning the time since the last ejaculation. The abstinence period may have an impact on the results.

Results of Semen Analysis

The results of semen analysis are quite reliable. The sample reflects the situation at that moment, but the results can vary between different sample collection occasions. Certain medications, injuries to the testicles, smoking, and various infections (such as a recent high fever) can lower the values in a semen sample. Information about factors that may affect the sample quality is collected through a preliminary questionnaire when the sample is provided. If necessary, the sample may be rechecked to confirm the situation.

Following semen analysis, the next steps depend on the overall situation. When the doctor calls with the results of the semen analysis, possible further options can be discussed.

Evaluation of Male Fertility

Semen Analysis

· If the sample is normal, additional tests are usually not necessary

Clinical Examination

· Examination of the testicles, prostate, seminal vesicles, and foreskin

· Assessment of testicular varicocele (dilated veins)

Ultrasound Examination

· Examination of testicular structure, potential tumors, and the condition of the seminal ducts

Hormone Tests

· Measurement of FSH, LH, prolactin, and testosterone levels

Genetic Tests

· Chromosome analysis and Y-chromosome microdeletion analysis

· Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis

Measurement of oxidative stress in semen samples (ROS test, SORP test)

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