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Pregnancy Monitoring with Ultrasound in early pregnancy 

What is the benefit of an early pregnancy ultrasound?

An early pregnancy ultrasound may be necessary if there is vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, a history of infertility, or recurrent miscarriages. It is also necessary if there has been a previous ectopic pregnancy or suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy. A positive pregnancy test alone does not indicate whether the pregnancy is normal or located within the uterus. An early pregnancy ultrasound can confirm these.

If the ultrasound is performed very early, the findings may be inconclusive, causing additional concerns. If a small fetus is seen on the ultrasound but no heartbeat is detected, the situation can be confirmed with a follow-up ultrasound usually 1-2 weeks later

What does an early pregnancy ultrasound reveal? 

An ultrasound examination provides information about the duration of the pregnancy, its location, the viability of the fetus, and also the number of fetuses. In a blighted ovum pregnancy, the fetus does not develop at all, and only an empty gestational sac is visible. Sometimes, embryonic development starts normally but then stops. In such cases, the ultrasound shows a fetus without a heartbeat, smaller in size compared to the expected gestational age.

How is an early pregnancy ultrasound performed?

An early pregnancy ultrasound is usually performed transvaginally, and it’s preferable for the bladder to be empty.

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