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Dextra / Fertility treatments

Fertility treatments 

Fertility treatments are often the only path to parenthood for many. The treatment plan and the selection of methods used are always tailored individually.

Basic fertility assessments are typically conducted quickly, usually within a month. Once the test results are available, an individualized treatment plan is created, taking into consideration the cause of infertility as well as the client’s desires and needs. Significant factors influencing the treatment plan include the woman’s age and the duration of infertility.

Light treatment options, such as ovulation induction and insemination, are suitable as initial treatments for many. In certain situations, it is wisest to choose in-vitro fertilization (IVF) right away.

In many cases, IVF is the most effective method of treating infertility, and it is also the only way to obtain information about the quality of eggs, fertilization, and embryo development.

The treatment menu includes the most common treatments offered at our clinic. We provide treatment for women under 46 years of age at our clinic.

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