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Dextra / Miscarriage Clinic / When to investigate?

You can come to us as soon as you feel you need help or support

In Finland in the public sector, investigations are typically initiated only after three consecutive miscarriages. You can come to us as soon as you feel that you need an expert opinion or support.

In some situations, it is advisable to conduct investigations even after a single miscarriage. This may be relevant if there is a known underlying factor or infertility background.

The purpose of the investigations is to provide answers to questions that affect everyone who has experienced a miscarriage.
  • Is there a specific reason for pregnancy loss? 
  • Should I do something differently during the next pregnancy?
  • Is there a treatment available? 
  • What is the likelihood of my future pregnancies ending successfully? 
  • Chromosome analysis (karyotyping) for women and men
  • Investigation of thrombophilia factors
  • Investigation of autoimmune diseases (e.g., celiac disease, thyroid disorders)
  • Detection of endometriosis / latent endometriosis
  • Determination of ferritin levels
  • Assessment of uterine structure through ultrasound examination or hysteroscopy
  • Immunological studies of the uterus
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation
  • Evaluation of oxidative stress in semen for men
  • Tissue compatibility testing for women and men
  • Embryo diagnostics and assessment of the uterine implantation window

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Please reserve the appropriate duration and provide your reason for the appointment

If you cannot find a suitable time, please call us at 010 312 106

All blood sampling and procedure appointments are booked by phone or at the clinic (insemination, embryo transfer)