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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I start bleeding at the weekend and the clinic is closed?

If your bleeding starts over the weekend when the clinic is closed, follow your treatment plan. You can contact the clinic on Monday. You can also review your treatment plan on Omakanta ( for reference.

What if the bleeding starts before the pregnancy test date?

If bleeding starts before the scheduled pregnancy test, it is important to continue the medications until the actual test date. However, please contact the clinic for further instructions if you are unsure.

What should I do if I forget to inject the trigger injection on time?

If you realize that you forgot your injection on the scheduled day before 11:59 PM, go ahead and administer the trigger shot as soon as possible. Inform the clinic about the timing of the injection the following morning. If you completely forgot to administer the trigger shot, please contact the clinic.

What should I do if I forget to take a medicine (tablet, injection)?

You can take the medication as soon as you realize the omission or continue with the medication following the instructions for the next dose. If you’re using injectable medications, such as a “blocking” medication like Fyremadel or Ganirelix, administer the medication immediately upon realizing the omission and inform the clinic.

What should I do if I get sick and vomit after taking medicine?

If vomiting occurs very shortly after taking the medication (within 30 minutes), you can take the medication again.

What should I do if the injection equipment or medicine is faulty?

Do not use a defective medicine. Take the pack to the pharmacy, where you can get a replacement dose.

What do I do if my doctor forgot to write a prescription or I can’t get the medicine I need from the pharmacy?

You should reserve/collect medications from the pharmacy well in advance of your planned treatment. However, if you do not have a prescription, the pharmacy can contact the clinic, or you can also call or send an urgent message through the app, and we will arrange a prescription for you. If you need a prescription when the clinic is closed, you can call Pihlajalinna’s phone service (010 312 010) and ask them to contact your own doctor. Additionally, Pihlajalinna’s emergency service in Munkkivuori, Helsinki, can provide missing prescriptions if needed. You can check from the
or link which pharmacy has the prescribed medication available through the medication search.

Is it dangerous if a drop of blood or medicine comes out after an abdominal injection?

It is not dangerous. You should press the injection site firmly for a while.

Can I get the coronavirus or flu vaccine during treatment or pregnancy?

It is recommended to take the coronavirus and influenza vaccine also during treatment/pregnancy. Due to the possibility of a vaccine reaction, it is not advisable to take the vaccine on the day before the procedure or on the day of the procedure.

What kind of physical activity can I do during treatment or after the procedure?

In general, you can exercise and do normal activities during the treatment. You should avoid heavy physical activity for a few days before and a few days immediately after egg collection. If there are a lot of follicles, follow the instructions given.

Can I drink alcohol during treatment?

Alcohol is not prohibited during treatments.

Can an embryo drop after transfer?

The embryo cannot drop.

Is it normal to have lower abdominal pain after egg collection? When should I worry?

After procedures, you may experience discomfort/lower abdominal pain/spotting for a couple of days. Swelling and tenderness are also common. You can take pain relievers as needed (preferably paracetamol). It’s advisable to avoid physical exertion for a few days. Contact the clinic if the pain is bothersome, if your temperature rises above 38 degrees Celsius, or if the bleeding becomes heavier than menstrual bleeding. During emergencies, please get in touch with the nearby hospital with gynecological emergency services.

Is it normal to have lower abdominal pain after an endometrial sample?

After the sample collection, you may experience light brownish spotting and some discomfort/lower abdominal pain for a few days. If the post-sample bleeding becomes heavier or foul-smelling, if you experience lower abdominal pain or fever, please contact the clinic.

When is sexual intercourse not allowed/recommended during treatment?

Your doctor will advise you separately if abstinence from sexual intercourse is recommended.

How do I do ovulation tests?

There are different types of ovulation tests. Follow the instructions on each package.

What ovulation test is recommended?

It is a good idea to buy ovulation tests from a pharmacy so that we know they are reliable. There is no single recommended ovulation test. Reliable ovulation tests are available in both strip and digital formats, but digital tests are the most accurate.

Where can I have laboratory tests?

You can have laboratory tests done at Dextra Fertility Clinic, but you also have the option to visit various Pihlajalinna locations, go through your occupational health care, or use HUS-lab facilities. For Pihlajalinna locations, an electronic referral is sufficient, but if you choose HUS-lab, you will need a printed paper referral, which you can obtain from your doctor. Please note that some laboratory tests at Dextra Fertility Clinic are less expensive than elsewhere within Pihlajalinna.

What vitamins are recommended and what are the harms?

When planning pregnancy, it is recommended to take folic acid 400-500µg/day and vitamin D 20µg/day. A varied and healthy diet is important. No vitamins or natural supplements should be taken in excess of the recommended doses.

What are the food restrictions during pregnancy?

For up-to-date nutrition recommendations for pregnancy and breastfeeding, see the THL website nutrition/nutrition/nutrition/recommendations/pregnancy-and-breastfeeding

When should I stop DHEA and/or Ubiquinol?

DHEA and Ubiquinol continue until a positive pregnancy test.

Are calls to the doctor free of charge?

Phone calls are not free, the doctor charges for longer calls according to the time used.

What will all the tests, treatments and medicines cost?

On the Dextra Fertility Clinic website you can find price estimates for consultations, tests and treatments. When you plan your treatment, your doctor will give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of your planned treatment. You can find the prices of medicines at or

What is involved in a NIPT visit?

During the NIPT visit, you will be given advice about the test and have an ultrasound (abdominal) check of the foetal heart beat. If you would like a more extensive ultrasound scan at the same time, please mention this at the time of your appointment. The scan is charged separately.

How do I know what is day 1 of the period?

The first day of your period is when the actual bleeding starts. Spotting does not count.

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