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Dextra / Pregnancy Clinic

The Pregnancy Clinic offers support and peace of mind

Pregnancy clinic follow-up ultrasounds now at a campaign price -50%

Pregnancy follow-up ultrasounds with our obstetrician Henrica Norrmen are now available at a package price from week 15 onwards. The first visit and ultrasound is the normal price of 350€ and the following 1-2 ultrasound visits -50% or 175€. You can use the benefit at any point during the middle and late pregnancy. Routinely, we recommend a follow-up ultrasound once in mid-pregnancy and once in late pregnancy, for example at weeks 28 and 36 of pregnancy. Welcome!

Every pregnancy is unique, and no concern is too small. Comprehensive pregnancy monitoring and examinations can help alleviate unnecessary uncertainty and worry.

Good antenatal care is essential for all expectant mothers, and it is especially crucial after fertility treatments. When the beginning of pregnancy has been associated with excitement and stress, it is reassuring to receive continuous support and information from experts during the entire pregnancy.

At Dextra, antenatal care is always tailored to individual needs. If the pregnancy has started thru fertility treatment, there may be various risk factors involved. Previous miscarriages and the age of the pregnant woman may also play a role.

The doctors at the Pregnancy Clinic specialize in pregnancy and childbirth. You can come for consultations regarding either normally progressing pregnancy or pregnancy with higher risks, as well as issues related to future childbirth. Our doctors have also a lot of experience in treating patients with a fear of childbirth.

Welcome to discuss your questions about your pregnancy and childbirth at our clinic; you do not need a referral.

Pregnancy Clinic Services

  • Early ultrasound
  • 4D/3D ultrasound
  • Fetal screenings
  • NIPT tests

For booking, we will redirect you to our parent company Pihlajalinna’s booking website

Please reserve the appropriate duration and provide your reason for the appointment

If you cannot find a suitable time, please call us at 010 312 106

All blood sampling and procedure appointments are booked by phone or at the clinic (insemination, embryo transfer)