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Chromosome analysis of a miscarriage sample (POC)

Some miscarriages begin with heavy bleeding, leading to a rapid emptying of the uterus. However, quite often, miscarriages are detected through ultrasound examinations before any bleeding has occurred.

In such cases, medication is used to induce bleeding. If a miscarriage is diagnosed at our clinic, we also provide medical treatment for it.

If necessary, chromosome analysis can be performed on the miscarriage material.

It is worth noting that about half of all miscarriages result from chromosomal abnormalities of the embryo. Even if the embryo is abnormal, it can still implant in the uterus, initiating a pregnancy, but soon after the fetal development stops, leading to a miscarriage.

What is studied of the POC sample?

POC (Products of Conception) is a genetic study conducted on a sample taken from the tissue of a miscarriage. The sample is analyzed for all 23 pairs of human chromosomes. The study is performed using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. Results are obtained in over 98% of cases, with a reliability rate of over 99%. In addition to the tissue sample, a blood sample is required from the woman who experienced the miscarriage.

Detecting possible fetal chromosomal abnormalities helps in identifying the underlying cause of miscarriages and selecting the appropriate treatment.

Who benefits from POC testing?

POC testing can be conducted on tissue obtained during a miscarriage. It is particularly beneficial for those who have experienced multiple miscarriages or if pregnancy ends after fertility treatments.

POC testing can also be performed in cases of miscarriages related to twin pregnancies.

The benefits of POC (Products of Conception) testing include

  • Helping to determine the causes of miscarriages. 
  • Obtaining results from most samples, with highly reliable outcomes. 
  • When the miscarriage is not due to chromosomal abnormalities, it allows for the exploration of other factors. 
  • The results can impact the choice of treatment methods. For example, if recurrent miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities, pregnancy prognosis can be improved through embryo diagnostics

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