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Pregnancy Monitoring with Ultrasound

Pregnancy clinic follow-up ultrasounds now at a campaign price -50%

Pregnancy follow-up ultrasounds with our obstetrician Henrica Norrmen are now available at a package price from week 15 onwards. The first visit and ultrasound is the normal price of 350€ and the following 1-2 ultrasound visits -50% or 175€. You can use the benefit at any point during the middle and late pregnancy. Routinely, we recommend a follow-up ultrasound once in mid-pregnancy and once in late pregnancy, for example at weeks 28 and 36 of pregnancy. Welcome!

At Dextra, we offer comprehensive pregnancy monitoring and safe, personalized antenatal care.

Ultrasound examinations are conducted at various stages of pregnancy. Our clinic’s specialized Obstetricians perform early pregnancy and second-trimester ultrasound scans among others.

The first ultrasound examination can be done as early as weeks 6-7 of pregnancy. During this time, the heartbeat of the fetus is confirmed, and the duration and location of the pregnancy are confirmed. Additionally, between weeks 11-13, measuring nuchal translucency allows for screening of chromosomal abnormalities.

Fetal morphology scans can be done after 20th pregnancy week.

In addition to these, we can monitor the progress of pregnancy and fetal growth with ultrasound examinations at any stage of pregnancy , including 3D ultrasound. All examinations are safe for both the mother and the fetus.

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