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Dextra / Miscarriage Clinic

It is important for us to support those who have experienced a miscarriage. We do not have any specific criteria in accepting miscarriage patients, and you are always welcome to us. If you would like to discuss our miscarriage clinic services further, please leave a callback request.

Elina Lumioksa


There is always a reason for miscarriages. Our task is to find them and support You

The Miscarriage Clinic offers support and solutions to women and couples who have experienced recurrent miscarriages.

Miscarriage is a challenging experience. The amount of grief, uncertainty, and anxiety associated with the loss is difficult for outsiders to grasp. Generally, miscarriages are often viewed as something that will surely go better next time, and there is no need for investigations.

We disagree. Recurrent miscarriages can have multiple reasons that can be investigated and potentially treated.

We are also present once pregnancy begins and take care of you throughout the Pregnancy.

Ultrasound Investigations for Miscarriage Patients

When a new pregnancy begins after a miscarriage, it can be difficult to trust that everything will go well this time. After a miscarriage, the joy of a new pregnancy can easily be overshadowed by fear, worry, and anxiety. Repeated ultrasound investigations can help ease this feeling.

At Dextra Fertility Clinic, we want to support you even after the pregnancy has begun. We offer early pregnancy follow-up visits at a package price starting from the early pregnancy ultrasound (around week 7 of pregnancy). The first early pregnancy ultrasound visit is priced at the regular rate of 264€ (+ service fee 29,90€), and the following 2-3 ultrasound visits are available at the price of 140€ each (+ service fee 29,90€). Ultrasound checks can be done weekly if needed. If you wish, starting from week 9 of pregnancy, you can also have a midwife-performed ultrasound examination to check the fetal heartbeat (78€).

From week 15 of pregnancy onwards, you are welcome to visit our obstetrician, Dr. Henrica Norrmen.

Would you like more information on recurrent miscarriages and their treatment options? Call us or send an email, and we will get in touch.

For booking, we will redirect you to our parent company Pihlajalinna’s booking website

Please reserve the appropriate duration and provide your reason for the appointment

If you cannot find a suitable time, please call us at 010 312 106

All blood sampling and procedure appointments are booked by phone or at the clinic (insemination, embryo transfer)