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Dextra / Our Team / Annika Tulenheimo-Silfvast

Annika Tulenheimo-Silfvast

Naistentautien ja synnytysten erikoislääkäri

I have had the privilege of working with pioneers in the field of Fertility treatments and witnessing the development of Fertility treatments in Finland from the beginning. During my student years, I had the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research, the results of which were quoted in our field’s top textbook. At that time, PCOS syndrome, LH hormone secretion, and neuroendocrinology were the focus of our interest.

Since those days, my heart has beaten for infertility patients. I have worked as a Fertility Specialist for almost 30 years, bringing a broad perspective to treatments. Before joining Dextra, I led the Graviditas Clinic in Helsinki.

It has been important for me to share my expertise, which is why I have been involved in designing training programs for private gynecologists. This has also helped in building a wide network of contacts, which has often been beneficial for my patients.

At Dextra, I particularly appreciate the wonderful staff who do their best for our patients.

Watch and listen to Annika’s introduction and her thoughts in the video below.

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